As already mentioned, the systems are controlled by a brightness sensor, an astronomical clock or a service centre via the lighting cables and distributed by means of the sub-distributions. Each of these methods offers just limited flexibility and no diagnostic functions. As only in very rare cases a control cable can be retrofitted to the cable system, decentralised installation in the luminaires of the system's intelligence for economical control is necessary. With regard to this, various questions need to be answered beforehand: what is the desired degree of flexibility, is the system to be diagnosed remotely and are energy recording features desired for the lighting system etc.? And then, on the way to higher system efficiency, the all important question of the manner, i.e. the technology to be chosen, remains to be answered.Decentralised system components mostly work independently but what light management system will protect your investment, is there a standard? Vossloh-Schwabe shows you different approaches. With standard solutions, we solve 90% of all tasks and offer maximum performance. We are sure we can also meet the rest of the requirements by making adjustments.