In the technical context, migration means conversion. Lighting systems that have a controlled lighting cable can be upgraded by a whole range of technological possibilities which result in far more efficient operation. [more]

Migration solution in the luminaire

The typical street luminaire will in future consist only of the three essential components: light source, electronic ballast and controller. Of course, you will find a myriad of more or less intelligent electronic ballasts already today. However, what is to be taken into account is that there is not standardised functionality. [more]

IP-based migration in the sub-distribution

Your system control lacks flexibility? You find the cost of control too high? We offer you solution concepts already for smaller areas that offer much more than any AFR, EFR or other control method. [more]

Energy recording of the lighting system

According to the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency), lighting systems have to be registered also with regard to energy from 2013 on to ensure freedom from discrimination. This goal can be achieved in different ways. [more]

Layout of an extended light management system

Light management as a term for street lighting is a very new concept. But what exactly makes it different from established technologies? In contrast to standard control systems, light management based solutions in addition have a so-called backward channel that enables the customer to look into his system at any time and delivers diagnostic information up to the service centre. [more]