Advantages of luminaires with electronic ballasts

However, good thermal management is necessary as the service life of electronic ballasts is the longest at low temperatures. The typical life of luminaires equipped in this way is about 50,000 hours, corresponding to about 12 Years. The benefit of the slight extra costs of a luminaire configured with an electronic ballast is controllability (provided an appropriate electronic ballast is chosen). A constantly good power factor of almost 1, an efficiency of not less than 90% and control that ensures that the lamp or the LED will always provide the same power and brightness at different supply voltage levels. Of course, the layouts of the electronic ballasts for LED luminaires are different but the principle properties are all comparable. The requirement from the point of view of an energy-efficient light management can only be that the electronic ballast solution should be preferred when systems are newly installed or converted.The savings that result from adjustment of the luminous flux reduction, consistent dimmability, best efficiency and constantly high power factor (cos(phi)) mean that the investment (extra costs) will quickly pay off.