• Interior applications

    The demands made on interior lighting can
    be as varied as the building’s uses.

    Starting with private domestic use through department stores and supermarkets, offices and production halls to large-scale complexes such as airports, hotels and shopping centres. This huge range of applications leads to a wide range of requirements on the light management system.

    Only a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to
    the respective application will result in the expected advantages for users.


The Extender can be used to extend the maximum number of DALI control gears in a standard DALI system. This means up to 64 luminaires can be activated.


Light Controllers L, LW, S, XS

The Light Controllers are light management systems that were developed to control and regulate light independently of PCs and higher-order bus systems.



The use of daylight and motion sensors increases both energy saving and comfort. For this purpose, we have developed a new MultiSensor to record brightness conditions and movement.