iMCU - Intelligent outdoor lighting control system for outdoors

Developed for illumination of roads and near buildings, the controller enables control of magnetic and electronic ballasts with 1 to 10 V and DALI interface. Individually programmable and updatable, it provides all the functions of a light management system but as a stand-alone unit without elaborate commissioning.

iMCU Programming Software

Updated software for programming the iMCU Light Controller via handheld device (iCTI)

iMCU Programming Software BETA

This software version is currently in BETA stage of the test phase at Vossloh-Schwabe. You can use this version, but must carry out a detailed functional tests before using it. When using this version Vossloh-Schwabe assumes no liability and excludes any warranty.

• Support of iCTI-USB interface
• Auto DST (automatic summer/wintertime detection)
• Random switch-on-delay in 10ms … 150ms steps
• Thermo management
• Non-linare luminous flux correction in 5 steps

iCTI - Hand-held Device and Software

The configuration process of the iMCU controller can also be transferred to a hand-held device (iCTI), which means that the parameters of a luminaire can be reconfigured even without a PC or notebook. The integrated power supply of the programming device means configuration updates can be undertaken even when the power supply is disconnected.