iLUX - intelligent Lux Meter with a Power-Line-Carrier Interface

The high-quality light sensor, upgraded with a special variant of the iPC controller for installation in the luminaire pole, directly measures and delivers digital light metrics in lux to a light management system for the purpose of lighting control.

iPC - Intelligent outdoor lighting control system for outdoors

Developed for illumination of roads and near buildings, the controller enables control of magnetic and electronic ballasts with 1 to 10 V and DALI interface using standardised powerline communication.

iLC - Intelligent Luminaire Controller (Built-in)

Developed for use in street lighting and lighting in the vicinity of buildings, the iLC uses standardised power line communication to control magnetic and
electronic ballasts with a 1-10 V or a DALI interface.

iDC - Intelligent Data Concentrator

Vossloh-Schwabe's iDC data concentrator forms an intelligent interface between the central control technology and any luminaire controllers in the field. As a major connecting element of the light management system, the iDC enables direct access to every luminaire controller via a standardised power line in accordance with CENELEC 50061 and EN14901.-1, -2.

iCCU – Intelligent, Capacitive Coupling Unit

Developed to enable powerline coupling of electrically isolated supply networks, the product permits C-/B-band data transfer in accordance with Cenelec EN-50065-1.

iLIC - Intelligent luminaire information centre

Java-based web-server application for control and data evaluation of lighting systems on an iDC (intelligent data concentrator) basis. The program organises a lighting system in a tree-like structure and enables visual display of large data volumes and data points.

iCT - Intelligent Configuration Software

Intelligent Configuration Software for commissioning and controlling the PowerLine light management system