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The awareness for the benefits of an intelligent and efficient control of streetlights and other public lighting systems has rapidly increased. Cities and municipalities grant energy efficiency, cost cutting and the reduction of light pollution a steadily growing importance. In this field of application, the use of a Vossloh-Schwabe light management system a specific and individual street light control and thus an active contribution to light ecology can be achieved. Using street light control both reduces light pollution as well as costs for lighting significantly. Lighting Controls feature intelligent and highly efficient control systems which can be individually and situation-dependent adjusted and thereby providing high savings and a maximum light comfort. Vossloh-Schwabe light management systems are offered in various product lines, beginning from independent installation and ending with completely integrated solutions which offer full online control by LON Powerline-technology. Beside all economic aspects of street light control, the ecological effect should not be disregarded. Among the keyword Dark Sky, some organizations aim at pointing out at light pollution and its effects on humans and the environment. Applying a street light control system can make a vital contribution in the trend to a nature-compatible use of lighting.