Light Controller IP 2CH

The Light Controllers of the LiCS System Network series were developed to link multiple Light Controllers together. They are networked via TCP/IP and controlled by a central server. Communication between the Light Controller and luminaires is based on the standardised DALI protocol. The Light Controllers comply with all the currently valid parts of standard IEC 62386.

Light Controller S

Suitable for independent operation (e.g. in false ceilings). According to the DALI standard, up to 64 ballasts and up to 16 MultiSensors can be connected. These participants all work within the same group.

Light Controller XS

The Light Controller XS was designed for space-saving installation in luminaires. For example, 3 ballasts and one sensor can be integrated on the DALI bus or, alternatively, the unit can be used to control 10 ballasts without sensors. This makes it possible to set up island solutions with the greatest possible flexibility.