Light Controller IP

The Light Controllers of the LiCS System Network series were developed to link multiple Light Controllers together. They are networked via TCP/IP and controlled by a central server. Communication between the Light Controller and luminaires is based on the standardised DALI protocol. The Light Controllers comply with all the currently valid parts of standard IEC 62386.

Light Controller XSW Series

Wireless multi-talent for luminaire and network integration

Light Controller L/LW

Up to 6 independently configurable standard keys can be connected to one Light Controller L and LW. In addition, 16 MultiSensors can be attached to the DALI bus. In this case, the maximum current load for the Light Controller bus must be observed (see LiCS Indoor manual). The LW Light Controller also allows the integration of up to 16 radio-operated modules that can be equipped with up to 4 independently confi gurable keys each.

Light Controller LS/LSW

Based on the Light Controller LW model, the LSW Light Controller is fitted with an integrated timer, which means it provides additional functions:
The radio-operated module of the VS Light Controllers is based on the established EnOcean technology. Communication between the Light
Controller and the luminaire is achieved using the standard DALI protocol.

Industrial Sensors

Using movement and brightness sensors not only enables greater energy savings, but also increases convenience for the user. To this end, we have developed a new line of industrial sensors that can detect motion (MovementSensor) in buildings with high ceilings or permit constant light
control (BrightnessSensor).