LEDLine Flex SMD IP67

WU-M-616-IP67 / 10 W/m (> 900 lm/m)

Illumination of complex structures subject to high levels of moisture or dust

LEDLine Flex SMD Indoor

WU-M-555-IP00 – 6.5 W/m (> 800 lm/m)
WU-M-556-IP00 – 10,8 W/m (> 1400 lm/m)

LEDLine Flex SMD Advanced – Constant-voltage 24 V

LEDLine Flex SMD Advanced is a flexible LED stripe equipped with high-quality LEDs. Even the most complex structures can be illuminated thanks to the use of an extremely pliable foil.

The LED stripe can be separated into segments of 100 mm without loss of function. Installation is achieved via double-sided adhesive tape affixed to the rear of the PCB.