LED Line SMD Comfort – L28/56 W2

WU-M-624, WU-M-625, WU-M-626, WU-M-627

LED Line SMD Comfort-B 3R


LED Modules for Office Lighting

LED Line SMD Gen. 3 - L07/14/28/56/70/75/112 W2

700 lm, 1400 lm, 2100 lm

WU-M-580/581/582, WU-M-574/575/576,
WU-M-577/578/579, WU-M-586/587/588,
WU-M-589/590/591, WU-M-583/584/585

LED built-in module for integration into luminaires

LED Line SMD Kit 3R Gen. 4

WU-M-526-S2 / WU-M-536-S2

Built-in luminaires/general illumination

LED Line SMD Kit 1R Gen. 4

WU-M-480/-481-S and WU-M-501/-502-S

LED Modules for Office Lighting

LED Line SMD Kit Food

WU-M-480 / 481-M6Meat

LED Modules for retail lighting:
especially for fresh food (meat)

LED Line SMD LightBar


LED Modules for Office Lighting

LED Line SMD Lightbar – 8 SMD

Vossloh-Schwabe's new SMD LightBar modules constitute a highly effective SMD solution. Available in sets of six, the new modules are particularly suitable for installation in louvered luminaires (600x600 mm).

LED Line SMD Slim Gen. 2

WU-M-499: 280x14,5 mm
WU-M-500: 560x14,5 mm

Consisting of one energy-efficient LED Line SMD Slim, a thermo-conductive resin adhesive tape and a cover, this LED Line Slim constitutes an ideal way of facilitating direct conversion to modern LED technology.