Blu2Light - The future of light management: smart, open and based on Bluetooth®.

Despite its many advantages, the established DALI technology does have its limits.

Blu2Light both substantially broadens and simplifies the application spectrum – thanks to the innovative Bluetooth® mesh system, which was specifically designed for the professional lighting

Among other things, Blu2Light is characterised by an open interface technology that permits system partners to develop and offer proprietary devices, software or cloud-based services. And the Blu2Light system makes it possible to integrate well-known systems such as DALI, DMX or 1–10 V interfaces. And it is equally possible to integrate Blu2Light directly into LED drivers or LED modules.

The future requirements of luminaire manufacturers with reference to IoT are already covered by Blu2Light today – along with multi-tier system security.

The Blu2Light operating principle

The intelligence of the classic DALI light controller has been transferred to the respective components such as the sensor, which is capable of both detecting daylight values and motion.

To enable user-friendly configuration and operation via smartphone or tablet, we created the Lighting Innovation app, LiNA, which assists users in the process of configuration.