The intelligent wireless lighting control

Light management via classic DALI light controllers, also wireless, with proprietary
radio technologies and control gear with a classic DALI interface.

Light management does not have to be complicated

LiCS Indoor: Quick to install, easy to operate

Let us show you simple ways to increase convenience and improve energy efficiency.

LiCS Indoor

An Intelligent Control System for Indoor Lighting Systems

LiCS Outdoor

Lighting Control Solutions for Outdoor Applications

Vossloh-Schwabe’s LiCS Outdoor system makes it possible to dim individual luminaires or entire luminaire groups. Depending on the requirements, the degree to which the lighting level is dimmed can be sensor-controlled or can comply with a preset level.

The ideal Outdoor System Solution: Light Management System + LED Modules + Control Gear

The ideal system solution for outdoor lighting: All from one source

LiCS System Overview

This 4 page flyer gives you a short overview of Vossloh-Schwabe's LiCS Indoor and Outdoor Systems.