LED Solutions for Horticulture

LED solutions made by Vossloh-Schwabe for horticulture lighting applications

Product News - Optics

One-row Optics, three-row Optics (IP54), linear and circular COB Optics and Batwing Optics

R & D - Service

The following pages present a short overview of the individual LED light module development services offered by Vossloh-Schwabe. These services can be booked as individual development modules, or as part of a customer-specific turnkey development project.

LED Solutions: Spots Downlight and More

LED Office Solutions

A combined brochure of LED Modules and LED Drivers for Office applications.

LED Guideline

This brochure is designed to provide you with an easy-to-understand guideline that explains LED terminology and shows you what to watch out for when dealing with LED lighting technology. We also intend this brochure to support you when it comes to making decisions, especially with regard to the comparability of product specifications.

Understanding LED Driver Technology

Within the lighting industry, the increasingly important topic of LEDs is inextricably linked with the development of suitable control gear for operating LED modules. Further to our LED Guideline, "Understanding LED Technology", this brochure is intended as an "Understanding Driver Technology" supplement.

Human Centric Lighting

With LED Systems made by Vossloh-Schwabe

The circadian rhythm is our biological clock, which in turn is synchronised by the day-night cycle and the change between light and dark. It not only promotes restful sleep at night, but is also responsible for performance levels and physical wellbeing during the day.
VS LED systems actively support this biorhythm with chip-on-board modules (COB) that differ from conventional light sources by providing a dynamically adjustable light spectrum that specifically affects the human organism.

VS LED Downlights

Pro Series and Prime Series

The integration of solid state lighting technology to conventional down light provides optimal light distribution and extended lifetime, all at an affordable price. LED downlights are fully compatible with existing conventional downlight infrastructure, and are the perfect choice for both new and replacement markets.

LED Light for Every Retail Area

Vossloh-Schwabe´s new built-in LED system for retail lighting purposes. LED technology delivers many advantages:

Long service life
Low energy costs due to high luminous efficiency
High CRI value
Lighting that is gentle on products (IR- and UV-free)
Easily dimmable
Instantaneous light (like incandescent lamps)

The lamp´s low installation depth and flat geometry enable very slim-line luminaire designs since the module can be mounted directly on top of heat-dissipating surfaces.

These LED modules are suitable for the most diverse applications, including domestic lighting.


Lighting for decorative applications

DecoLED, high efficiency LED downlight, is the perfect solution for
commercial and residential applications. The die-cast housing has an
easy adjustment function allowing the light to be positioned to the
desirable angle. The adaptable spring clip makes the installation quick
and easy, suitable for all types of ceiling and hassle free.

Our Know-how - Your Advantage

No matter whether the equipment you choose comes from our broad range of standard LED products or whether you team up with us to find a customised LED solution, we are always the right partner for your projects.

LED Lamps

LED Light – The Easy Way to Retrofit

LEDs contain no mercury and are low on energy consumption, as a result
of which they lead the field when it comes to "green lighting". Thanks to their eco-friendly properties, they can make a valid contribution to reducing your carbon footprint and countering the greenhouse effect. Moreover, LEDs start instantaneously at full brightness and are available in many colours.

Switch Units

VS Switch Units Enable Efficient Luminaire Operation

Vossloh-Schwabe's switch units are designed to enable one-step power
reduction of lamps (FL, CFL, LED, HS, HI and C-HI) with the help of the
respective electronic ballast or converter. To this end, the switch units
utilises the 1–10 V interface of the control gear unit. The switch unit is
mainly intended for outdoor luminaires in systems with or without a control

LED-Aktuell: Architektur

Erfahren Sie mehr über LED-Beleuchtung im Bereich Architektur. Dazu passend stellen wir Ihnen unser Produktportfolio vor und geben Ihnen einen Einblick in unser hausinternes Application Engineering.

LEDspots for general and furniture lighting

The perfect replacement for low-voltage halogen lamps

As the perfect replacement for low-voltage halogen lamps, the new LEDSpots made by VS are ideal for use in furniture, suspended ceilings as well as cooker hoods in kitchens. [more]

CreeTM XLamp LEDs | Bright Sensation

In our capacity as the European distribution partner of Cree Inc., a US-American manufacturer, we are featuring their XLamp High-Power LEDs which are set to redefine the standard for general lighting applications.