Fluorescent packages

FL/CFL packages
Ballasts, Lamholders, Lamps

Switch Units

VS Switch Units Enable Efficient Luminaire Operation

Vossloh-Schwabe's switch units are designed to enable one-step power
reduction of lamps (FL, CFL, LED, HS, HI and C-HI) with the help of the
respective electronic ballast or converter. To this end, the switch units
utilises the 1–10 V interface of the control gear unit. The switch unit is
mainly intended for outdoor luminaires in systems with or without a control

A Lifetime of Light: Magnetic VS Systems for T5 and T8 Fluorescent Lamps

Low-loss magnetic ballasts of energy-efficient index A2 with an electronic starter

As a real innovation in the T5 lamp family, this unique system combines the robustness and long service life of magnetic systems with the energy efficiency of (A2) electronic ballasts.

New Rotoclic Lampholders for Fluorescent Lamps

Capacitors for Power-Factor Compensation

At VS we aim to provide international lighting OEMs with complete and safe component systems. Since 1999, our product range has also included a comprehensive selection of lighting capacitors for power-factor compensation coupled with magnetic control gear.

Thanks to our systemic approach and customer-friendly warranty policy, VS brand capacitors number among the most popular in the lighting industry.

For your convenience, we have attached the technical documentation of the various VS capacitor
technologies and our recommendations for using protected lighting capacitors.
The VS team will be happy to answer any further questions at any time.