newsLIGHT L+B 2018

Whether it's a case of smartphones, the internet of things (IoT) or the smart home, digitalisation is taking all areas of life and work by storm.

But in the main, digitalisation means more convenient applications and easier access to information. In the lighting sector, Vossloh-Schwabe is turning digitalisation into innovative products.

newsLIGHT L+B 2016

Presentation of new VS products at the world’s leading lighting fair in Frankfurt

The Light+Building in Frankfurt counts as a leading global fair. This year’s top topic is smart lighting, which involves providing the right dosage of lighting at the right time and in the right place.
Vossloh-Schwabe – a company with a long lighting tradition and one of the renowned exhibitors at the Light+Building – will be presenting numerous product innovations at the fair.

newsLIGHT 2014

Right in time for this year's Light+Building fair in Frankfurt, Vossloh-Schwabe has released the latest newsLIGHT brochure. Beside exciting new products presented on the Light+Building, we are introducing our new brand logo which reflects our shift to a lighting solutions provider. Learn more about this und find other news in our latest newsLIGHT!

newsLIGHT 09/2013

Innovation is the force that drives our economy. And in the world of lighting, innovation is currently summed up by just three letters: LED, short for light-emitting diode. While LEDs are encountered in almost all fields of lighting technology, they are also a common feature in other non-lighting applications, such as monitors, display screens, traffic signs, information notices and many more. In addition to the well-known individual LEDs, the newer SMD and COB modules are now also found in indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

The clearly noticeable change has also led to fiercer competition with more and more new providers coming on to the market. But change of any sort equally gives established players a chance to reposition themselves and safeguard the future with high-quality and innovative products.

newsLIGHT 12/2012

We have set ourselves the goal of driving both the development and production of our LED components forward with a particular emphasis on achieving the highest possible quality across the board. In this context, system solutions play a particularly important role: perfectly coordinated LED systems with matching optics and thermal management solutions, plus all required drivers and light management systems for indoor and outdoor use. No matter whether you choose from our broad standard product range or wish to find a customised solution in cooperation with us – we are always the right partner to look after your lighting needs.

newsLIGHT 2012

The latest issue of newsLIGHT is all about the Light+Building fair in 2012. With a wealth of innovative new products and product upgrades on the lighting market due to be presented, the excitement in the run up to this highlight event is naturally mounting.

With more than 20 pages newsLIGHT presents a taste of what you can expect at our stand (B50 in hall 4.0), which we hope you will visit during the fair from 15 to 20 April.

newsLIGHT 2011

We are pleased to present you the second edition of the Vossloh-Schwabe information brochure newsLIGHT.

The protection of our environment by reducing CO2 emissions is clearly one of our primary objectives. But how do we efficiently save energy without having to give up any of the convenience and quality of illumination we are used to? This question will be answered by means of different toppics such as LED, street lighting as well as intelligent lighting systems.

We hope you enjoy reading!

newsLIGHT 2010

Within more than 20 pages VS presents highlights from different areas of lighting and a lot of information on new and revised VS products.

The "green concept" does not just play a major role in our everyday life, but also establishes itself more and more at Vossloh-Schwabe. VS products already meet the highest requirements of the eco-design directive.

At this VS wants to highlight customer projects which could achieve in close, cooperative teamwork, which VS will, among other things, bring closer to you in the following editions of newsLIGHT.