Blu2Light offers an almost endless array of light management options.

We'll be happy to provide advice on your Blu2Light idea
or on planning your Blu2Light system.

For luminaires that are already in operation

you can use the light controllers for luminaire installation, the Blu2Light Connect ME (without light or motion detection), the MultiSensor XS for ceiling heights of up to 2.5 m or the MultiSensor XL for ceiling heights up to 9 m.

As the LED drivers currently available on the market do not feature a DALI bus power supply, luminaires
will have to be fi tted with an additional Blu2Light Power Supply or, for larger applications, an Extender 64.


For new luminaire projects

you will then only need the Active DALI LED driver with an integrated power supply and the Light Controller Connect ME or a MultiSensor, depending on whether light and motion detection is required.