Based on the security provided by Bluetooth® wireless technology, Blu2Light features a multi-layer security concept to suit the industrial environment in which it will be used. This serves to satisfy the
higher security requirements within the fi eld of IoT.

  • Individual user and administrator passwords for the app and cloud
  • Unique product reference code in form of a QR code
  • Encrypted mesh connections (128 bit/AES)
  • Encrypted Bluetooth® wireless technology communication (128 bit/AES)


Colour Control

In addition to the usual light management functions, Blu2Light also provides numerous colour control options for Tuneable White, RGB and RGBW applications. All in all, there are 6 colour control channels with which more complex requirements can also be satisfi ed.



Bluetooth® wireless technology lets additional messages be sent and received using so-called beacons, which is also an option for Blu2Light systems. For instance, data relating to sales promotion measures or locations can be sent to consumer smartphones. And conversely, Blu2Light devices can send information to the Bluetooth® wireless technology infrastructure, which is then termed asset tracking.


Cloud Service

As Blu2Light is an open system, it is also an option to integrate Bluetooth® wireless technology mesh devices into so-called cloud services, also those offered by third-party providers. Naturally, Blu2Light customers can also create their own cloud solution. Among other things, such a solution could incorporate heat maps/sensor evaluations, extended graphic operation and commissioning options, asset tracking, security and cleaning management or extended user management options.